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J. Cameron Stevens

Waterloo, Ontario | 226-808-8327 | |

- Desktop and Laptop Hardware Support, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Technical Writer, Server Administration, Customer Service, Windows, Linux, SQL, Scripting -

Skills Summary:

· Network and PC troubleshooting, support, and configuration

· Hardware support, repair and deployment for PCs, Laptops, and Servers

· System Deployment using Microsoft SCCM, Symantec Ghost

· Proficient is both phone and Remote support.

· Excellent at creating a rapport with the end-user or customer

· Proficient with on-boarding and security procedures and documentation

· Configuration and support of Mobile devices such as BlackBerry, Android, and iOS

· Comfortable and experienced with Active Directory Administration of users shares, and resources

· Experienced with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010

· Windows and Linux based server administration (Ubuntu/RHEL)

· Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Exchange, and Active Directory Administration

· Creating quality technical documentation for all audiences

· Adept at using VBScript within Windows or Office to automate processes or data access

· Windows/IIS/SQL/ASP (WISA) and Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) Development

· Web UX development using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML/HTML5

· Constantly pursuing my interest in technologies to kaizen processes through improved efficiencies, and procedures.

- A firm and growing understanding of OpenText Content Server, OpenText Directory Services, and key integration points

Employment History:

August, 2015 – Present

Technical Analyst, Content Server Support, OpenText Corporation

· Supporting enterprise grade customers on enterprise grade software

- Working with Microsoft and Oracle database servers

- Integrations of Directory Services product, OTDS, with Active Directory/LDAP resources

- Maintaining excellent customer satisfaction levels

I help some of the most incredible companies and organisations maintain, improve, or implement OpenText Content Server, OTDS, and Tempo Box (among other things). It's a rewarding job in a great environment, one founded on and supportive of innovation. My management, from my Technical/Team Lead, on up are approachable and supportive. They know what this job entails and they are there to help ensure you can do it. That said, the environment has a strong team spirit. Check the ego at the door, you can be competitive, but the end goal is the customer's success.

October, 2014 – December, 2014

Desktop Support Analyst, City of Kitchener (Contract)

· Local and remote support of several hundred employees across all city departments

· PC (Windows/Mac), network, BlackBerry and printer troubleshooting and support

· Software installation, removal, troubleshooting and deployment

· Documentation of the role and processes/procedures

· Some administration of users on Active Directory, Exchange, the Cisco phone system, and other department specific services.

· Deployed standardized PC image to new and rebuilt systems using Microsoft SCCM

Supporting all of the staff of the City of Kitchener, from lifeguards to firefighters, and even the city councilors, my "best job ever" allowed me to work within a great team and I.T. group. While the typical support provided was over the phone or via e-mail, this included remote support of the myriad of system that all aspects of the city employ, from the systems that manage gas and water, to HVAC, to the systems that firefighters use to know what they will be facing in a fire at a location. The more routine support involved provisioning and support of PCs, laptops, Laptops, Desktops, BlackBerry devices. My "big win" was going above-and-beyond to identify the code in a vendor system that provided on-line training and certification, by leveraging my browser and HTML knowledge to isolate the issue and document the workaround for our human resources contact. I left this role on December 24th, 2014 at the end of the contract.

January, 2013 – July, 2014

Desktop Support Analyst, CST Trust Co. (Toronto)

· Local support of ~140 users at Toronto branch office

· PC, network, and printer troubleshooting and support

· PC imaging with Symantec Ghost and Microsoft SCCM

· Internal Video Conferencing systems

· Software installation, troubleshooting

· Documentation of the role and development of procedures

Supporting roughly 140 users at my location, my days consisted of maintenance and support of Laptops, Desktops, Printers, BlackBerry devices, and the local infrastructure. I was instrumental in the implementation of the Ricoh Document Management System, working to ensure a logical flow was attained and served the users’ needs. Our Windows 7 rollout required special attention to some legacy, but business-critical, applications that I was able to provide a viable solution to, ensuring a reliable and consistent solution in a timely manner. I was able to document my role with a 48 page document of procedures. I left this position due to corporate restructuring in late July.

September 2009-May 2012

Technical Analyst, Implementation, Lafarge North America (Mississauga)

· Developer of our key intranet support website built in PHP and Microsoft SQL

· Software Deployment Scripting

· Worked with my team to develop clear Symantec Altiris reporting

· Hardware and Software support and installation services

· Remote support and desk side assistance

· Desktop Support Role to over 6000 North American users

· Building and deploying PCs, using scripts, and Imaging with Symantec Ghost

My primary role was to develop and maintain the user administration and ticketing system that ensured user account changes were handled quickly and securely in a manner that allowed for the audit and verification of approvals and granted rights. I was also tasked with the maintenance of the Intranet support site that provided a quick, centralized, and reliable source of information to end-users so they could, where possible, locate a self-serve solution to printer drivers, necessary software, and tools. I assisted the primary desktop support technicians on an as needed basis to ensure staff had the tools required to perform their role. I left this role due to corporate restructuring.

February 2006-February 2009

Application Developer, TLC Vision Inc. (Mississauga)

· Business Systems Developer for Intranet and External facing store with Credit Card processing

· Built key technical systems support documentation

· Operating and maintaining a Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP environment

· Server administration and implementation of development and test environments

· Adherence to ITIL-based processes to ensure quality of service

The bulk of my time with TLC Vision was spent, first, migrating an acquired system to a supportable internal server under Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and then maintaining this system as it ran under VMWare Server as production, stage, and development environment to serve the Call Centre and later as a customer-facing tool to order product using a credit card clearing services. This system was originally based on FreeBSD, and was written in PHP with a MySQL back-end. I manage the complete system while cutting my teeth in a PHP developer/Linux Administration role. I took great pride in documenting the system and other TLC systems for reference purposes. I was commended for this effort by my direct manager. I left this role due to corporate restructuring.

January 2003-November 2005

Technical Analyst, Implementation, Toyota Canada Inc. (Scarborough)

· Desk side and 2nd Level support of Desktops and Laptops

· Formalized the deployment process for systems to end-users using Symantec Ghost

· Worked to build the team and improve skills across team

· Formalized loaner laptop management process

· Documented all security processes for Windows, Notes, and Mainframe systems

· Mentored co-op placements

This position was an opportunity to change a department, and we did. We updated the imaging and deployment process, delivering consistent and reliable results day-to-day and week-to-week, reducing errors and delivery time in the event of a failure. Using this process and proper documentation we streamlined and standardized the loaner laptop process and implemented migration processes that ensured a user’s time was impacted as little as possible. My documentation skills came into play when our User Administrator retired and I was able to work with her to not only document, but streamline the processes consolidating more of the processes to allow our third tier support more time to improve and implement infrastructure projects. My position was eliminated due to a technology change removing PCs from the infrastructure.

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Prior to 2003:

Paramount Trading, Antigua B.W.I.

January-May 2001 - Technical Analyst, Server Administration

Grey Worldwide, Toronto

April 2000-December 2000 - Technology Integrator, Application Development

Paramount Trading, Antigua B.W.I.

October 1998 - April 2000 - Technology Architect

Molson Breweries

February 1997 - October 1998 - Technical Analyst, Security and Tools

Microsoft Canada

May 1990 - February 1997 - Technical Support Analyst, Product Support Services