A Jack of IT

The term "Jack of all Trades..." is a blessing and a curse because of how it ends, "... master of none." I would like to convince you that there is more than one ending to that phrase.

I am known for my skills in many areas of Information Technology and hope this site can offer you the insight you need to want to meet with me and discuss your needs. My talent is primarily getting things to work well together. These things include humans, computers, technologies, systems, and you. The role of management is to ensure all things fall into place to provide services or goods to your customer. I'm the one who can orchestrate the resources you have using technology.

I am a Team Leader whose interest is the strength of the team. I focus primarily on the technical aspects of the role including planning, mentoring, development, and ensuring the end result is in mind during development. I have a grasp on the big picture and can portray this to the team and communicate to all levels to ensure our needs are fulfilled.

  • I have experience in developing and deploying a PC Image as a standard for your enterprise devices.
  • I am experienced in server administration and can serve as a Network Administrator for Windows-based systems.
  • I develop and maintain web sites using JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, VBScript, Active Server Pages and PHP.
  • I am comfortable using databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access in my projects, though I have produced tools based upon Oracle and sites using MySQL in the past.
  • I have excellent communication skills and a history delivering excellent Technical Support and Customer Service, though phone support is not my preferred role.
  • I have strong abilities in scripting for the Windows Shell (Command Prompt) using Batch and VBScript, though my use of Perl has fallen off over the years.
  • I develop tools using Visual Basic version 6 though my intent is to develop using .NET and have been beginning my work on those skills.
  • I am adept at learning new technologies and exploring how to use them to improve efficiencies.
  • I develop high quality documentation of processes, procedures, and tools.
  • I am very good at doing my very best and foster in myself and others a loyalty to the role and my employer.
  • I take pride in my role and will work very hard to ensure your goals are my goals and my success ensures yours.

Yes. I am a Jack of IT. I enjoy the work involved, the problem solving and, frankly, working with peers and end-users alike. I am not pursuing a management role at this time, but would consider a role in a smaller company where I can ensure the employees have a reliable I.T. infrastructure.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,