Hi, my name is Cameron.

My motto, "Happy to help, any time."

NOTE: I am happily employed and love my job.

My skills are problem solving, solution development, and technical support, and my focus is founded in delivering excellent customer service.

I live in Waterloo, Ontario, and I will consider the right opportunities that help me deliver excellent technical results through skilled technical support, process automation, and effective problem determination. My support roles have given me the experience to understand how to ensure there is a minimum impact on staff productivity when handling an issue or project, such as a roll-out of a new software or operating system. I continually look for improvements to process or handling of systems to ensure longevity without incurring risking downtime or reliability.

Overall, I take pride in meeting technical challenges through determination, innovation, resourcefulness, commitment, and adaptability. I work very hard at doing things right, avoiding a temporary fix where possible and thinking of the big picture.

Building and Supporting Technical Solutions:

My technical support skills have been honed over my career. Helping ordinary people get along with technology through advice, training, or problem determination and pursuing a solution was the foundation of my career, and I have never ceased enjoying this rewarding aspect of my skill set. I live for ensuring people are able to do their job because I make life better for them. I do this by talking with a customer/user, at their level, and with an earnest interest in finding a solution.

I have been a creative developer of automation tools and web-based solutions using VBScript, PHP, ASP, and either Microsoft SQL or MySQL, I can break down a process or requirement into a scope, define features and functions and build a solid solution on time and on budget. My ability to take the idea through to a finished design using innovation and a focus on efficiency is proven and I look forward to helping your company take advantage of these skills. I now have experience with OpenText's Content Server, OTDS, Enterprise Connect, and a depth of knowledge on related systems like LDAP, AD, and SQL, along with a reasonable exposure to VMWare and VirtualBox as tools of the trade.

Career Profile:

You can view it online here.

Ontario G licensed, no vehicle at present. Transit accessible roles only.