What people say about Cameron.

Comments Regarding Cameron:

"Cameron was a valuable addition to the team. He was knowledgeable about technical issues and flexible enough to fit in quickly with the culture in a Municipal government setting. Cameron showed repeatedly that he wasn’t afraid of challenges and stepped up to lead or help out with projects wherever needed. I was impressed by his problem solving skills and his doggedness in pursuing solutions when none were immediately apparent."

Max McLaughlin

Supervisor, Client Services

City of Kitchener

"Cameron consistently demonstrates his, always expanding, information technology knowledge base by assisting the Tax Department with our many questions and day-to-day issues. He employs many creative ideas to solve our hardware or software issues, all while minimizing costs to the company. He has a passion for his field of work and it shows daily. Thank you."

Peer Appreciation Award

Tax Department

Canadian Stock Transfer

Toronto, Canada


"Cameron was an integral part of his team and demonstrated excellent skills at many levels of his job. His contributions ensured his team's objectives were met in a timely and organized fashion, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction." (from PDF)

Rui Pedreiras

Team Lead Operations

Toyota Canada Inc.

Toronto, Canada


"...[Cameron] is very goal oriented as well as a team player and was keenly devoted to his work, but being a real people person, he was also enjoyable to be around." (from PDF)

Peter Schnitzler

Change Process Co-ordinator

Toyota Canada Inc.

Toronto, Canada


"His customer focus is a large part of his work ethic. He has the unique quality of being able to see things from both a technical and customer perspective. I have no hesitation in recommending Cameron. I feel he would be an asset to any organization." (from PDF)

Chantal Gallant

Incident Manager

Toyota Canada Inc.

Toronto. Canada

"Giving Cameron a problem to solve is one of the easiest things I’ve ever had to do in my career. I always knew without exception that a solution would be found and it would be found in a timely manner. This ranged from providing support to a customer at Microsoft to building a Web Portal." (from PDF)

Ross Murison

"Being thrown at a new system, with both an unfamiliar setup/configuration, did not stop Cameron from effectively troubleshooting issues that arose after its acquisition, implementing the required changes that ongoing-maintenance demanded, or developing enhancements that improved the system’s performance and ultimately the end-user’s experience." (from PDF)

Brian McClure

Sr. Application Developer

TLC Vision Corporation

"Best Guru I've ever met."

Dan Cramer

Teammate, Toyota Canada Inc.

Toronto, Canada


Helping Others

Volunteer Work

"Cameron has been very generous in donating his time to the maintenance of the Church Kids computers. In fact, he does more than maintenance. He replaces parts and upgrades the computers and we are so grateful to him for doing this for us."

Deborah Nixon

Church Kids Programme

St. George's Church on-the-Hill

Toronto, Ontario