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Career Profile - Complete

To deliver high-quality technical services including support, implementation, web-based development, and innovative solutions that aid my employer and it's staff realizing improved efficiency, availability, and services,   while taking any reasonable opportunity to advance my skills where it will benefit the company or the products of my efforts.

Key Skills
  • Implementation and deployment of hardware and software
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT, Windows XP
  • Microsoft Office, MS-Access, and Visual Basic for Applications
  • Linux and Windows server management and command scripting
  • JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • PHP, ASP, and Visual Basic 6 Development
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and Apache Server Management
  • Graphics arts and manipulation experience

Web site: http://j.camerons.googlepages.com/careerprofile

Work Experience Details

Lafarge North America
Mississauga, ON
Deployment technology and PHP web developer
09/2009 - present
  • Maintenance of PHP-based Intranet site to support Lafarge employees with technology
  • Developed tools to reduce reliance on outside vendors (reducing cost)
  • Development of scripts and packages to deploy applications and solutions to desktop and laptop PCs (~6800).
  • Primary support contact for users at Eastern Canada Regional Office (2009-April 2011)
Key Technologies
  • VBScript and PHP
  • JavaScript, CSS
  • Microsoft SQL and MySQL
  • CVS Version Control Server
  • Apache Server
  • VMWare Server and Oracle VirtualBox

TLC Vision
Mississauga, ON
Application Developer
02/2006 - 02/2009
  • Development of ASP-based reporting tools for PeopleSoft CRM driven business system.
  • Development and support of a proprietary PHP/MySQL (LAMP-based) CRM and reporting system.
  • Enhancement of existing systems to process credit cards using WebServices.
  • Documentation of processes, systems, and applications.
  • Implementation of advanced interface requirements for tlcvision.com and other sites.
Key Technologies
  • ASP, VBScript and PHP
  • JavaScript, CSS, and ActionScript
  • Microsoft SQL and MySQL
  • Flowfinity for Blackberry
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
  • Linux/Apache Server
  • Microsoft/IIS Server
  • VMWare Server

Toyota Canada
Toronto ON 
(34 months)
Technical Analyst
Implementation Services
01/2003 to 11/2005

  • Supporting hardware and software for employees.
  • Evaluating and Implementing new hardware and software.
  • Creating deployment processes for both manual and SMS software deployments.
  • Creation of and adherence to ITIL structured processes.
  • Creation of the hardware deployment and recovery processes.
  • Documentation and creation of network security procedures.

Key Technologies
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, and XP
  • Command and Windows Scripting
  • Lotus Notes Security Administration
  • OS/390 Security Administration
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Windows Networking for MS-DOS
  • Microsoft Systems Management Server
  • Windows Networking
  • PC-Anywhere

Paramount Trading
Antigua, B.W.I.
(4 months)
Systems Migration Consultant
for Gaming Systems
01/2001 to 05/2001

  • Migration of membership to new game database.
  • Planning of updated hardware deployment to Guatemala ISP for Co-Location.
  • Manage procurement of hardware (servers) as per vendor specifications.
  • Negotiation with local ISP and Government 
  • Development and maintenance of proprietary reporting systems

Key Technologies
  • Windows NT and 2000 Server
  • LAN and WAN Networking
  • Microsoft Exchange 5.5
  • HTML/JavaScript
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Microsoft IIS and ASP
  • DNS and VPN Services
Grey Interactive/Worldwide
Toronto, ON 
(9 months)
Web Developer
04/2000 to 12/2000

  • Development of ASP-based templated web sites from specifications.
  • Implement database-driven data collection and content for sites using Microsoft SQL.
  • Development of JavaScript integration of eLearning systems.
  • Implementation of interface design as per graphics department.

Key Technologies
  • Microsoft ASP, IIS
  • Microsoft SQL 6.5/7.0
  • DHTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Windows NT/2000
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Microsoft DNS Services
Paramount Trading
Toronto, ON and Antigua, B.W.I.
Technical Advisor and
Network Administrator
10/1998 to 04/2000

  • Development of technology to support the use of the game engine with ASP-based websites.
  • Plan and deploy game-systems hardware and network.
  • Implement and stabilize business systems for blackjack.com and bingohour.com.
  • Plan and deploy Antigua based of operations (technology).
  • Co-ordinate with local providers for local connections (ISDN).
  • Domain Management and procurement
Key Technologies
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5 
  • Microsoft SQL 6.5
  • Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 Server
  • Remote Access Services
  • PC-Anywhere
  • Windows Networking
  • ISDN, Modem-based communication
  • DNS Services

Molson Breweries
Toronto ON 
Full Time
Technical Analyst and 
Security Administrator
02/1997 to 10/1998

  • Support of Desktop systems and software.
  • Network Security Administration
  • Tools development and process improvement
  • Transition to electronic technical procedures documentation
  • Management of Moves/Adds/Changes process

Key Technologies
  • Microsoft Office and Project
  • Novell NetWare
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • AS/400 Security
  • Microsoft Access
  • Command and Perl Scripting

Microsoft Canada
Mississauga ON 
Full Time
Technical Analyst
Product Support Services
05/1990 to 02/1997

  • Technical Support of Microsoft Operating Systems, Applications, and Home products
  • Documentation of technical issues for use in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (TechNET)
  • Administration of the Microsoft Canada Download Service

Key Technologies
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Project, FrontPage
  • Windows 3.x, 95, NT, OS/2
  • Microsoft Money and Works
  • Compaq, Gateway, and Acer Hardware
  • Microsoft DOS 3.x-6.0
  • Batch and Command Scripting
  • Modem an Windows Networking, DSL, and ISDN